Friday, 21 September 2012

Project Big-Cloud delivers!

Phew, what a whirlwind 12 months we've had at i-BR!  We've undertaken what is probably our biggest ever development project, 'Project Big-Cloud'.  This has seen a major redevelopment of i-BR's Quick-Recruit system being undertaken. A large-scale project over 12 months from initial inception to final delivery.  It has though delivered our initial objectives.

As a recap, these objectives have been:

1. Continue to provide a Cloud Based recruitment system that fully integrates business processes from front to back-office.  But, where each part of the system can be used on a modular basis as required by clients so the system can be used and evolved to suit their changing business needs.

2. Converting to flexible internet technology that allows access by Candidates and Clients to specific parts of your business processes, such as Online Timesheets, online Payslip access, online Invoice access for Clients, as well as Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) capabilities.

3.Providing a system interface utilising modern Internet components that provide the features of PC software, but with the flexibility and benefits of Internet Software.

With the delivery of our key aims, Quick-Recruit now has the capabilities to be a central hub for any Recruitment business.  Allowing access by all parties (Consultants, Candidates, and Clients) across your business processes.  Integrating these into one Cloud-Based system to provide effeciency and cost reduction.

Quick-Recruit, your central, software hub for your business

Project Big-Cloud, original Preview video

Project Big-Cloud has been a large-scale and challenging project, but one that we hope will deliver extensive benefits to our clients (both existing and new ones) going forward.

With the major functional developments achieved, for the remainder of 2012 we'll only be doing some low-levels of small developments that may be requested by clients as we consolidate the new system. Our key focus now will however be on some behind-the-scenes improvements that:

a) Develops new pricing ad billing processes to reflect the flexibility of modular access and give flexible and easy billing for clients.  These prices will however continue with our strategy of delivering cost-effective access to modern systems for SME's.

c) Technical system hosting enhancements.  We're working right now on exploring hosting f our systems directly with Microsoft. This move is aimed at helping us to continue to provide low costs to clients, plus give the continued reassurance of system security and reliance provided from Microsoft's Azure hosting facilities.

We'll keep you updated as things progress.

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