This blog is written by Robert Streeter, Managing Director of i-Business Resources, a UK company supplying Internet software solutions and services to the Recruitment Industry (more about this later).

Some words from our Managing Director:

Professionally, I've been working in the business consultancy and technology arena for over 20 years and have specialised in Internet Technology solutions for Recruitment for the past 12 years.

I love what technology can do for businesses, but I'm not a 'techie' (but have often been referred to as that!).  My skills and experience sit in the middle ground between business users and the real technical guys developing solutions.

In technical terms I guess you can say I'm bi-lingual. I speak 'business' and 'technology' and therefore focus on how technology can be used on a practical level to benefit business, rather than what technology can do just because it's really cool (which of course it can be a lot of the time).

On a personal level I love the outdoors, cooking, DIY, travel, my wife, family and friends (but not of course necessarily in that order).

About this Blog:

This blog aims to provide general information and my own thoughts on using the Internet and technology to improve and benefit recruitment.  The aim is to provide information and comments in non-technical terms, and to make technology easy to understand and simple to benefit from.

I'm passionate that the Internet is something all businesses can benefit from, especially recruitment due to it's people orientated processes and information management needs.  I hope that, in some small way, I can contribute to helping all agencies, large or small, benefit from technology which is now becoming a prerequisite for doing business.

About i-Business Resources (i-BR):

i-Business Resources (i-BR) are a technology and services company based in the UK.  They provide a range of Internet technology solutions for the Recruitment Agency market.  i-BR's mission is to bring the power of the latest Internet technology to recruitment agencies, at affordable costs. 

i-BR provide a range of software solutions including Quick-Recruit;  the Internet based integrated software suite - including Recruitment software, Agency Job Board, Timesheet Processing, Payroll, and Accounts receivable. 

i-BR also provide a range of services to compliment our software solutions - helping ensure agencies have the technology back-up they require, so they can focus on their core recruitment business activity whilst i-BR look after the IT.

Visit the i-Business Resources website to learn more.